Sri S. Subba Rao, was a pleader at Gooty. His daughter was suffering from neurasthenia from the month of December 1939. She has lost memory, could not focus attention, was afraid of everything that she saw and observed. Fear was dominant in her. She was unsteady and passed sleepless nights. In April 1940 she was taken to Shirdi. There Abdul, Baba’s attendant, gave her udhi and thritham. From then onwards, she began to have sound sleep. She began to make namajapa of Baba, recovery set in, and she became hale and hearty. One Bhaskar Sadashiv Satam, joined the Maharashtra Police Force. On 16/2/1940, due to some misfortune, he was suspended. He was dismissed from service on 28/2/1940. Even as early as 1930, his friend Atmaram has suggested that he should go to Shirdi to have darshan of Sai Baba, but Sri Satam had put off his visit. Soon after he was dismissed, Satam went with his son to Shirdi, stayed there for two days and prayed before Baba. On his return to Bombay he met a constable who told him that he is reinstated and posted to Lamington Road Police Station. Satam knew that on such order no such order could have been passed on the date he met the constable because on 28/4/1940 he appealed against the dismissal order. On 14/5/1940 the appeal was heard and the order passed was “Reinstated Posted to Lamington Road Police Station”. Baba had given the verdict two months earlier through the constable.