Pradhan, was an employee of the Revenue Department, Bombay. He lived in Sandhurst Road. His youngest son had high fever for four days. The doctor who was attending on him, found the pulse become weak, then irregular and then it finally stopped. He was pronounced dead. The boy’s father would not believe it. Such was his faith in Sai Baba, that he insisted that his boy was alive. There was nothing that the doctor could do. He gently persuaded Pradhan to accept the fact. But No! “Sai Baba is god, He will save my son,” cried the father in desperation. Applying Udhi on the boy’s face, he began to pray fervently. Minutes passed. Nothing happened. Forty five minutes passed not a soul in the room moved. Then the miracle happened. The boy revived, and sat up, as if he had been asleep. It is said that faith can move mountains