Dear devoted Saibhaktas,

I experienced one miracle of Sai baba yesterday...

On the Makar sankranti night, i kept 2 TIL laddus in a dish in front of god. Then i finished my dinner & then i went back to fetch those laddus kept in front of god. Then, i saw one of the Laddus moving & rolling... There was no reason why the laddu should move & roll, as everthing was stable.

No sooner did i see the Laddu rolling, a thought arose in my mind that this must be some supernatural power. No sooner did this thought cross my mind, i immediately lifted my head & looked at sai baba. No sooner did i look at Sai baba, then a flower fell from Sai baba's Photo... I realised at once that this is indeed a Sai baba miracle !!!. He wants to suggest that he has eaten the Laddus & is happy & is blessing me.

Jai Gurudev Saibaba.
Om Sai Ram