Sri G.K. Rege was a retired tahasildar of Indore. He was anxious to get his fourth daughter married to a suitable bridegroom. In 1924, for that purpose he along with his wife went to Anjangau. Anjangau was his brother-in-law’s place. When he alighted at Anjangau he heard a voice clearly “Go to Jirapur”. However, Sri Rege spending some days with his brother-in-law’s family returned to Indore. After a few days, his son received orders to work at Jirapur. But his son could not make it, as his wife was in an advanced stage of pregnancy. He got the posting cancelled. Sri Rege was posted to Kathegaon, a place in Nemawar district, but the revenue minister to whom the posting orders went for signature, of his accord, changed the place to Jirapur. Hence Sri Rege had to take up the appointment at Jirapur. As revenue officer in the course of his duties he halted at a place called Sainath in Gawlior state. There he met, by chance, a young man by name Balwant, who later on was found to be agreeable in all respects and was a suitable match for his fourth daughter. The marriage was settled and performed. Sri Rege and his family are devotees of Baba since 1914