In 1923, a prospective bridegroom had seen Sri Moreshwar Balakrishna Chowhan’s sister and had agreed to marry her. He said a formal letter would be sent in a week’s time. Six months passed, there was no letter, nor the gentleman showed any inclination. Sri Chowhan’s mother, an elderly lady was worshipping Baba every day and she regarded Baba as no different from any other deity. The elderly lady became desperate and one day she cried out before Baba’s photo – venting her anger and desperation. That night she saw Baba in her dream who told her not to be angry with Him. She dreamt that while she was serving food to her son at 9 a.m. a postman delivered a letter of acceptance from the hesitating party. She woke up, but forgot about the dream. Just as she was serving food to her son at 9 a.m. the postman dropped the letter, she had dreamt. She at once recalled the dream, and shed tears of gratitude to Baba