Sri Y.J. Galvankar, recalls that in 1921, he started with his family to Prayag and Kashi etc. on pilgrimage. At Bharadwaj Ashram, his heart was touched and silently prayed to Sri Sai BABA, to give him the darshan of a Saint. Within minutes, his guide, pointed towards the direction, where a holy man was making an appearance. “The particular holy man in Bharadwaj Ashram, makes his appearance on rare occasions”, said the guide. The guide warned him that the holy man does not encourage anyone to approach him, nor takes anything from anyone. Despite the protests from the guide, Sri Galvankar, made bold to approach him, feeling that the saint had appeared after his prayer to Sai BABA. To the surprise of all, approaching Sri Galvankar the saint said “come child”, Sri Galvankar and his family were blessed by him. As he had no fruit or flower to offer to the saint, Sri Galvankar, gave the three annas which he had in his pocket as guru dakshina. The saint contrary to his custom, accepted the coins, looked at them pleasingly, and accepted them. Sri Galvankar felt that Sai BABA had accepted his guru dakshina.