If I accept one rupee from anyone as 'dakshina', I have to return many more time

My dear Bandhus!
After my initiation into Saipath in May 2007 by my Supreme Father Himself was He recreating most of the incidents, or miracles we say, for me. After the previous post where Sai proved me that there is no difference between Him and His idol, the following incident displayed how Sai keep His assurances.

I had reached Tirupati on 23rd November 2007 to take part in Telugu Bhasha Brahmotsavalu to represent Orissa. I was still in bliss with the experience that Sai blessed me at Nellore. We were discussing the incident and gone for bed in the accommodation provided by organisers.

I used to browse net for any information on Sai, incidentally I came across a site about an Ashram and a Sai Guru who conducts Sai Yagnams at various places in Andhra Pradesh. He has large following in Andhra Pradesh. There was mention about one such Sai Yagnam, where the organisers say host of the Yagnam has to deposit Rs. One lak for performance of Yagna and Rs. 50000/ for co-host. Some addresses of Sai guru's followers were also displayed in the site. Little surprised, I mailed Guru to enlighten me where Sadguru Saibaba advised about this 'Dakshina (?)', for which I did not receive any reply and that was separate episode. But I noted down the address of one such follower at Tirupati.

Next day morning I phoned Mrs. Usha Rani, who was this Sai guru's follower. It was just an interest to know from her how his guru justify this 'Dakshina (?)'. Usha was very courteous and invited me to their house. I felt that since that was a first visit to a Sai devotee, I wanted to present her a Sai's portrait. As such, I downloaded one from internet and got it laminated which cost me around Rs. 200/.

Around 9 in the evening I had been to her house and she received me very well. I was surprised to find she built a small Mandir on the top floor of the house. Some devotees were chanting 'Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai'. I introduced myself and told her the purpose of my visit. Then she started crying and said lot of things of about the said guru, which are immaterial here.

She told her experience with Sai. She is working as a Nurse in a Government Hospital. When she suffered with some cancer related problem, she was in hospital and most of her relatives including her husband did not bother to look after her. Then one old muslim lady nursed her for one complete month till Usha recovered completely. Usha said with a glitter in her eyes the muslim lady was none other that Sai, my Supreme Father and as a mark of gratitude to my Sai Deva, I have built a small Sai Mandir here. Now Sai is every thing to me and I dont need to run after any gurus.

On hearing her experience tears rolled down from my eyes and I had presented her the Sai's portrait that I downloaded and laminated. She was very happy. She had shown me each and every part of mandir and the library she was running with most of the Sai literature by various authors.

While I was taking leave from after a blissful visit, she presented me books worth Rs. 2000/ and made me as her elder brother.

Thus Sai, my Supreme Father once displayed to me that He keeps His promises. I had given her a Portrait of my Sai worth Rs. 200/ only and I got Sai literature worth Rs. 2000/.

If I accept one rupee from anyone as 'dakshina', I have to return many more time