Sai is Here, Sai is There & Sai is Everywhere

My dear Sai Bandhus!
We are not witness to the incidents in Sai Satcharitra, where in our Supreme Father Saibaba proved that there was no difference between Him and His portrait or photograph.

In the 90th year of His Mahasamadhi my Supreme Father proved it again to me.
I am from Orissa, working in Puri and staying in Khurda Road, 18 Kilometres south of Bhubaneswar. We have very beautiful Sai Mandir at Bhubaneswar built under the guidance of Guru Shri Chandra Bhanu Satapatiji. I used to visit the temple almost every Thursday, though we have around 6 temples in Khurda Road. It is not out of context to mention here that the first ever Shirdi Sai temple in Orissa was built at Khurda Road in 1992. Since then numerous temples built accross Orissa even in very small villages.

I was supposed to represent Telugu People in Orissa at Telugu Bhasha Brahmotsavaalu at Tirupati scheduled to commence from evening of 23rd November 2007. I had to catch Coromondal Ex[ress at 10 pm from Khurda Road on 22nd November. I had been to Bhubaneswar on bike on that evening to complete some personal work and to have His darshan. Some how I could not do so and as the time was running short I had come back to Khurda Road without having His darshan and boarded the train.

It was a sleepless night for me in the train, I was cursing myself and asking my Supreme Father why and why was He not gave me Hims darshan. Next morning we had go get down at Vijayawada to catcha Krishna Express at 1 PM to go to Tirupati. I was searching on platform and enquiring people for near by Sai Mandir. In the meantime a Swarna Jayanti Exp to Chennai arrived on platform and in order to reach Tirupati we board the train little knowing that the train did not stop at Gudur, where we have to get down to catch Tirupati train.

Conductor adivised us to get down at Nellore, some 70 kilometres before Gudur and catch some bus from there to go to Tiprupati.
Around 6 PM on 23rd November 2007, we got down at Nellore Railway Station. Still a feeling was haunting me Sai did not give me darshan. We took auto to go to bus station which is 20 minutes way from railway station.

It was from here my Supreme Father, my Life, my Light and my Way started manifesting at many places.

While the auto was moving towards Bus Station.

First we crossed a Baba Mandir, Dhoop Arati was on, He was visible to the road.
I was just stunned.
Lo..its second mandir
I could not count more....

Just my eyes were totally filled with tears. My colleague who was accompanyin me was just awesruck as he was withness to my agony all the night.
Oh! Sai, My Life, My Light and My Way
How foolish am I to think that You are not giving me Darshan.
You are in me, You are in Him, You are in a person who led to board the train
You are in Auto driver who rode the auto very slowly
You are everywhere Sai
You are everywhere.