My dear Sai Bandhus! Sairam

I would like to share my experience with you how Baba pulled me to His path.

I am working in East Coast Railway at Puri Railway Station since 2004. I was at Divisional Head Quarters at Khurda Road in a significant post for twelve years till 2004 and my transfer to Puri was a result of some vigilance allegations.

Though my name is Saibaba, I seldom visited Sai' Mandir or Shirdi during my 50 years of life since then. My visits were very casual even at Shirdi not with devotion.

After my transfer to Puri, I was to shuttle from Khurda Road where I have a house and family. I was completely in depression those days, even I suffered heart attact and Angio Plasty was done to me in September 2005.

My financial position was also dwindling and I was contemplating to leave this world, because of difficult conditions in job, in health and in finance. I had a strong urge to commit suicide in the month of May 2007.

It was 20th May 2007. Around 1 PM. After completion of first half's work I was going to Hotel for lunch carrying Rs. 15/ in my pocket. I did not notice a tall and old gentle man with white Kurta and pyjama, who crossed me until he called me with my name 'Sai'. Little surprised I turned and this gentle man aged around 70 - 75 years with mesmerizing smile on His face was asking me in chaste Hindi 'Could you give me Rs. 20/?'. I was sursprising that how he know my name and more surprised when he asked Rs. 20/. Seeing his mesmerising smile I could not say no to him and asked him I could give him Rs. 20/ if he follows me to my office which is just a few metres away for which he instantly agreed.

He accompanied to my office and I gave him Rs. 20/ and he kept it in bound book. Still engulfed in surprise, I asked him how could he know my name when he was to leave. Again same smile. 'Sai! I am from Shirdi, for me every body is Sai', he answered. He further added 'You are passing a difficult and hard times now. Take back this twenty rupees and this Rudraksha'. I had become little sarcastic by then and was thinking that some body might have told him about me and he may demand more money for this worship or that worship. He continued, 'Sai! I will come to your house and take this Rs. 20/ from you after you get rid of your difficulties'. I interrupted him by asking how do you know my house. With a same smile on his face he replied' I told you Sai, I am from Shirdi, I know every thing'. I was just watching this gentle man with half disbelief and the other half sarcastically. He further continued 'Buy ingredients with this Rs. 20, prepare Payasam yourself only and feed to a black cow during the first three Thurs Days of next month and you would be alright'. While I was still in astonishment, he left and I could not find him again.

I had discussed this with my family members and my younger brother is Satya Sai's devotee and he told me that was it nothing but the miracle of Shirdi Saibaba, who only accepts Daskhina and returns the same and you can find numerous such instances in Sai Satcharitra. He gave me Sai Satcharitra in Telugu and asked me to read to know about the instances. Before 5th June 2007, the first Thurs Day, I had completed two rounds of parayana.

On the morning of 5th June 2007, I prepared Payasam with the ingredients that I had purchased with Rs. 20 and put in a banana leaf. I started searching for a black cow on my bike for two hours but in vain. Cursing myself for believing some strangers, I was watching TV at my home, when my younger daughter shouted and called me to find a Black Cow standing in front of my house, as if was it waiting for me. Tears rolled down from my eyes. I was blaming myself for my ignorance. Immediately fed Payasam and the cow ate that not leaving even the Banana leaf.

There was no looking back since then. I gained my lost self confidence. My difficulties are receding. Its Sai, only Baba all the way. Now He is my way, He is my Life, He is my everything.

Ever in Sai Seva