I got news of Miracles of from my friend. Iam Suresh Aatmaram living in Nizamabad would like to share a miracle.

In the month of Nov. we (my friend and villagers - Edapalli) have planned to built Sai Mandhir near our place. But others opposed as there is no concrete reason to built temple there not got denied. Later we strongly decided to built the temple and started digging Foundation after 3 feet depth, surprisingly land got soft with out any efforts we could dig and next moment we found entire pit with VIBHUTI the more we took out the more we got. Now we strongly said there is a reason to construct temple. All our villagers Vibhuti as prasadam even neighboring villagers also. We have sent Vibuthi to Shiridi also.

I strongly believe and tell people to TRUST on Sai, He will come where ever you are.

Thank you

Suresh Aathmaram