I would like to share the experience of my Brother's fiancée (Ms.Uma Keerthivasan) being an Ardent Lord Sai devotee.

Three years ago when we were in Godavarikhani and when I was in my Graduation, My younger sister Bharathi was a great Devotee of Sai and she painted a SAI Image and kept it in POOJA room.

My sister believed on SAI very much and used to pray Sai daily and she got a seat in M.C.A. She asked me too to follow SAI and asked me to do "Sai's one week PARAYANAM" and Said that I would M.B.A seat. I was very Lazy and I said that I can't do fasting and also I Don't believe in this.

My mother forced me and started that "Sai's one week PARAYANAM" That book contains all the stories of SAIBABA and how he helped POOR, DISABLED. Hope you must have read that book.

"Sai's one week PARAYANAM" should start on Thursday and should end on next Thursday, In this entire week we have eat only once and Sleep on the floor and on the final day of this pooja we have remain in fasting and have the food after offering the food to most wanted Beggar or poor person or a Person who cannot afford to have Food.

It is written in the book if we give food to a person Suffering from Leprosy or a Handicapped or a very hungry beggar, BABA will be very happy and he will come to our house in the some or the other form.

So on the final Thursday I was fasting and was waiting for a Beggar so that I can give food, But in that place Sighting a beggar was very rare and nobody came that day. I was waiting near the gate till 3 PM. then my mother told me to give the food or Servant as She was also poor, But I didn't agree I said she was poor but she can afford to buy vegetables and prepare lunch and have it.

I wanted a Handicapped person I was very determined and made up my mind that I was end this fasting till I find a Suitable person. Mummy was forcing since my elder brother who was very close to me was waiting was my lunch at last mother told to keep some food aside for a poor beggar and have my lunch.

I told that I will a last glance and went to the gate and found a Very old lady was passing by and she was handicapped and she was the right person. I called her and said that today I did Sai Baba's Pooja and asked her to have the Lunch in our house. She was very happy and she said that she did not have food from past few days my sons are very bad and they don't take care of me & they have sent me out. and she was moving her handicapped hand so that I can notice.

Mummy asked from which place she is coming and belong to and she told that our native place is GodavariKhani which is also our Native place. We felt so pity on her and my second brother asked her to come daily to our house and have the lunch here itself.

We gave her prasadam, rice, poori and everything we prepared. She ate only prasadam and said that I will take the rest in the evening, I told her I will give you food for evening also, and have the food here itself. She said NO NO I ATE PRASADAM AND STOMACH IS FULL. She thanked us so much for giving food and she went off.
First we came inside and my brother said we will find Address So that we can send food, we came outside only in the matter 15 to 20 seconds gap, but we could not see her. From our gate we can see people coming and going for almost Half Kilometer.

she was very weak and it has taken her almost 1 Min to come from previous house to our house but we could not trace her we tried a lot even by coming outside.

Then we thought it was Saibaba who came to our house in the form of a OLD LADY and I was very happy. From that time I started worshipping Sai Baba and I got a M.B.A seat. By Uma Keerthivasan, Hyderabad.

Let us pray at the feet of Sai Baba who is the incarnation of all gods and protector of all, to show mercy on us, and increase our devotion towards him.