Sai Ram

I would like to share an experience that happend to me in 2003. I passed out Computer Science and Enginnering in 2003. I was searching for a job once I passed out desperately. It was so imporatnt to me as we were in a position fully dependant on my earnings and I was the bread winner of my family. I tried attending many aptitude tests in many companies but could not get through. On October 18th 2003, I left roughly around 7:30 for a walk-in interview in Loyola College in Chennai. The college was so crowded that it was so difficult to even get the form to fill for the aptitude test. Once I got the form I filled it and all of us were redirected to take the aptitude test. We took the aptitude test in the afternoon and waited for around two hours to get the results. To my joy I found that I has cleared the aptitude test and was short-listed for the technical interview round. I appeared for the technical interview in the evening . Before even I could start wondering whether they would select me or not, the HR came and told me immediately that I had cleared the technical round and asked me to wait for HR round. I was overjoyed and I had to wait anoter 45 minutes for the HR round. I attended that also and I was told they ll intimate the results ASAP. I went home at night and told me mother what all happened. She told me that all the day she was not able to concentrate on her normal work from morning to late evening and she was reading only Sai Satcharitra all the time when I was undergoing the selection process. After few days I got a mail from the HR to collect the offer letter from them. I was one among very few who got a job from a huge crowd of around 10,000 freshers who attended the walk-in. I joined the company the next month. What else other than Sai's grace could have bagged me the job. Today I have completed 3 years in the company and now I am in UK on an overseas assignment.