Sai Bhakthas

Pre- April 2003, my life was in a turbulent state. Personal life was not calm, work was hectic and life seemed aimless and directionless. One evening coming back from work late in the night on a Spring evening my body was going thru some strange shivering that i could not figure out what was happening. It was some kind of strange twitching's happening in my body,and i was walking home after getting down from the bus.

I picked up my mail and was waiting for the elevator to come down, once the door opened i walked in without any notice to what was in store for me there.That is the experience i would want to share of my life. Even though it was a harrowing experience thinking about it now,my life has changed since then for the better.

Continuing the narration of what was in elevator- there were three men in the elevator semi-covered in hooded shirts who immediately pounced on me and started beating me up. I was fighting back to free myself, but it was too much after sometime.Beginning that moment, my life was in their hands. I used to live my my self in a small apartment that i made up, i was taken in there and beaten black and blue. Even in that stage tied up i was not going to give up. I was fighting for my life there. The moment the sharp weapons came out of their belongings, a chilling fear gripped me, May be this would be my last moments in my life. At that time i was thinking about all the people dear to me and oblivious to the hammerings that i was taking, at one point i could not feel the pain anymore,blood was streaming of my nose, my face, my body... all this time i was just praying to GOD, our SAI, to take care of me, to give me the courage to go thru this ordeal, to give me the strength to face this brutal assault i am been put thru. The beatings and jabbings with the pointed knives must have gone for about 45 minutes, but all thru this time, i was praying to Sai to give me one more chance to live a life different than what i was going through at that time.

While this was going on, i realized these people came in to rob me and my belongings and i was hoping may be i would have some chance to be alive if i gave up my bank PIN numbers and other valuables that i had, i did give up all those things. I was all tied up, taped up, and pretty badly beaten and bruised.They left there for me to seek help. All this time, i was praying for him to help me, to show me ways, how i could call for help after all the wires were cut,phones were dead,i could not even call, i could not move from one place or other.

I went thru lot of pain to ease up and after a lot of struggle i was able to attract the attention of my neighbours who called Police and ambulance. Once they came in I felt i have survived the ordeal.

This incident has scarred me physically for sometime, till i got over that, but i learnt my lessons well during the ordeal. I am greatful to Sai to have taken care of me at that time, for giving me the strength and courage to go through this ordeal.

Since then, i made some fundamental changes in life, started looking at things very differently. Life has been easier to comprehend, things started looking up.I feel today, what i was pre-April 29th 2003 and what i am after is totally different.

Life teaches you lessons in its own way. going thru those uncertain moments requires you to have GOD in mind always, He gives you immense strength and guidance. Have faith in HIM.

These days, my day doesn't start without thinking of HIM, the moment i wake up and does not end without thanking HIM for letting me see that day.