Sai Ram

i am staunch believer in Destiny and presence of Sai baba of Shirdi in our lives. In my 30 years of living, my family has faced a lot health related an critical financial issues.

I would like to mention one of the many miracles of GOD in my life. My father has battled cancer while i was young. With my mother's prayers and Medical Science, he recovered from a critical health state. However, he is ill again, an this time around it is a life threatening state. We as a family had to run from pillar to post trying to look for a hospital or a doctor who could take him as him patient. The struggle was a major one, i may not be able to describe that phase of our life( which passed in 2008). To be concise, It so happened that there is a small Sai Mandir close to my house. One of my aunts called us and said that she had prayed for some solution for my father's state. My mother just put down the phone and immedietly, one of the surgeons who was unavailable for over ten days, landed in Hyderabad for some personal visit. My brother bumped into friend of his who was incidentally a junior doctor working with the above said doctor. My father who ad been ill for more than a month was rushed to the hospital. All this happened with in a few hours of my aunt visiting the temple.

Rationalists may call it co incidence. But, it was such a crucial thing for us. And it is difficult to imagine at times as to how something which seems too far fetched becomes accessible. Call it a result of the prayer or anything else. It still remains that things which were not falling into place for more tha a month just happened.

I personally believe that it takes a personal experience for anyone to relate to what I have said in my post. I feel happy to have this platform to share my story.