Baba has shown lot of miracles and blessed me until today. I strongly believe whatever I am today is becos of baba. He is everything to me . I was a n/veg those days i even used to offer whatever n/v i used to cook. friends used to look at me in a diff way. But i used to feel if i cannot offer that to baba then it is not fit to eat and i cannot taste without offering to my sai, becos he is one among us I cannot leave him and eat to fulfill my tongue and last yr i turned to a veg., as a mark of thanking my sai and I started performing puja on sai's punyathithi .

I had been searching to buy an umbrella for my sai before punyathithi I searched so many places for the past 2 wks. I was upset and was tellg my sai, sai I only wanted to buy one umbrella why r u not showing me. I was sharing this with my friend she is leaving for good frm texas to california tomorrow-(we live in texas.)

She went to one jewellery shop and asked for it they said they don't have and just then one lady rushed to her and said we just have one piece but it is just the umbrella without any stand it had a small hook. My friend bought and kept in our car without tellg us. myself after searching in the shop when we came to the car I found the gift box with umbrella and was so happy but I was again confused how to fix it. I thanked my friend and sai for atleast gettg something done then myself and my friend searched in another shop just then my friend was tellg me that jewellers said if we give a wk's time they may try to fix stand then I told my husband he said fine let's go the the jewllers we went to them they said they r only goldsmith so to do silver work it will take a wk I said its okay and they asked the size of baba I told rough measurement and i told them to keep like a round plate and one rod attached to it so that the umbrella can be hooked to the rod. I also said the plate to be 1 inch by 1 inch and they said they will call me on fri or sat.

I came home and looked at sai he needed a square plate becos my peetam was square and he reqd 1 1/2 by 2 inch width immediately I calld the jewllry to tell the measurement to my surprise he is saying they have already cut a plate in square shape that too measuring 1 1/2 by 2 inch I was so thrilled and thought baba must have worked with him. I started to prepare dinner in 2 hrs time a call came frm jewllery saying my umbrella stand is ready really tears rolled my eyes. all this happened in 4 hrs time. I felt so happy and thanked my friend for her timely gift and baba for working on my wish.

2 mths back when i went to India for vacation I bought pancharati for sai, one small conch shell, one small pot for him to drink water but somehow umbrella was not in my mind and had a very good darshan in Shirdi attending all the 4 aratis,did abhishekam for sai , satyanarayana puja and one miracle which i will narrate to u in my next mail. Infact last wk when i went to baba's temple seeing his new silver umbrella I told to sai, sai when I go to India I can buy a bigger size idol and buy a silver umbrella like this. see how sai worked out .I decorated the umbrella and I cannot believe my own eyes. My sai is resting so well in the shade of the umbrella.
I don't want to have ego in whatever I have written to u. I hope sai will pardon me if anywhere I had shown my ego. I always wish to write all my miracles and publish don't know what sai plans.