ASRC Reddy

In my house we read Sree Sai Satcharita paryana every day since last 18 months.

September 2007, I started Sri Sai Satcharitra with one wish with a good intension to get good alliance for my sister in during this parayana completes; due to next coming days are not good days. We are searching for alliance since last couple months but nothing happened due to so many reasons. When I decide & started this time parayana, on 6Th day present bava & their family came to see my sister & they told us they liked every thing, we also agreed every thing on 7th day of Parayana. I strongly believe in one thing how strongly you pray& stick on you will get that fruit for sure.

Trust me it happened in seven days.

Another thing I went to give my sister first wedding card to SaiBaba Temple in Bhagya Nagar, Karimnagar, AP to invite him, I prayed to come & bless the wedding couple, I want see him in different (not as known photo or some photo which I seen earlier). Trust me I saw SaiBaba in different way in a cell phone which was so impressive to me. That also happened after 2 hours wedding. I still accept as true that Baba is in our hearts.

After wedding we all went to Shirdi, we all reached temple, I went to keep foot wear, some how I missed all of them @ 11:30 AM, I thought they are in Q for Dharshan then I went to Q line standing, at 11.45 AM my brother in law gave announcement from temple that they are still did not form the Q, they are waiting for me @ Gate 2 I am alone I heard their voice. I went there I did not see them then I went to announcement place announce @ 11:52 AM, management told me that you can’t do after this, by the time I announced 3 times & told them that I am going wait there only. See the miracle Baba arranged the facility to see his Madyanna Aarti directly. There is a window at security place you can see Baba & Aarti very well. After Aarti I decide I will make a round if Baba is with they will see me, surprisingly my niece( 10Yrs Old) saw me & called me.
This all happened with Baba blessing only.

Here are my experience, trust me if you trust & pray Baba you will give what you want & he also give you what is good for you.

Jai Sree SaiRam