My name is Shilpa. I was never a perfect bhakt who would all the rituals and prayers to GOD, but always believed that GOD is my friend who understands me and helps me at every step... and HE was always there to help me, just at a sight of HIS photograph or something like that. Iam always fascinated toward Lord Shiva, and then gradually I started believing Baba also.

I have experienced numerous miracles from Lord Shiva and the total strength to face the challenges that life was giving me. He was always by my side to protect me.

To start with the experiences from Baba, I can say that it is my marriage. Though we were looking for the matches, none of them liked my profile and i was devastated as if why anyone would not like me, ( at least one). Then my Elder sister who I will say is a very big big bhakt of Baba, asked me to arrange for a bhajan. Then after doing that, the immediate alliance was fixed and yahoo.... they did not ask for anything literally.... and also the boy understood me well... and now we are going to complete 3 years of our happy married life. He is a true gift to me from Baba....

Then, I had a problem of skin allergy, which would show-up whenever i get nervous or depressed. That was the major reason for my marriage delay also. I was encountered by a death of one of the relatives from my in-laws side and the allergy came out again.... which was very painful. I was very sad that what in-laws and their relatives would think on seeing this... i was crying and started reading baba charitra.... there the point of applying udi to the affected region has attracted me, and i started applying it. the allergy literally vanished away just in 3 days... i was using many many medicines and consulted many doctors but none worked.....

Then, i was conceived after 1.5 years and we were happy. But i had an ectopic pregnancy, where the embryo got attached to one of the Fallopian tubes and the tube got bursted, we rushed to the hospital and got it operated... i was feeling very sad for this. But realized soon that i was literally saved by Baba. Because my husband was about to leave home and i would be alone, when the pain started, by Baba's grace I was not alone.... then i learned from one of my friend saying that - this particular problem would lead to unconscious state and if unattended within an hour, may lead to the death of the patient, also i got cured in just 3 days without any side effects.

Still there are many many miracles, where i use udi for any problem like sudden pain or weakness, which would be relived within seconds of applying udi.

There are still on list, which I need to pen down.